June Vinyl Vinyl Review June 2019

A Collection Of New Vinyl For The Audiophile – June, 2019


Willie Nelson


Trendy Basic Recordings

We checked out Willie Nelson’s initial vinyl situation of Teatro for our Report Store Day protection method again in Might 2015. Within the assessment, I acknowledged some issues with the pressings that compromised the listening experience. On the time, I used to be so excited to finally have an analog copy of the primary fee recording that I gave the report four out of 5 stars for sound high quality. But I also reached out to the label on Might 7, 2015, to see about getting my copy replaced. They stated this: “This was a manufacturing issue, and we had to spend time discussing the problem and finding a solution with our manufacturer for this release, and considering it was Record Store Day, it took longer than anticipated to communicate with them at their busiest time of year.” So, they acknowledged that there was an issue, they usually fastened it. I received an e-mail from the parents at Mild In the Attic (the same outfit answerable for the Trendy Basic Recordings imprint) on August 21, 2015, saying that my alternative copy was en route. But my alternative copy was not an entire lot better than the primary.

In our initial evaluate, I hoped that the title can be reissued for a minimum of a second time on vinyl with a greater urgent, maybe on normal black vinyl. That crazy dream got here true late final yr. And the document was purportedly pressed at RTI, no less. My ship has are available.

Or has it? Whereas the pressings aren’t as flawless as those RTI does for Music Matters Jazz or MoFi, they’re pretty great. Method higher than the copies pressed on gold coloured vinyl that I received in 2015 from the parents at Rainbo Data. However right here’s the thing: I don’t know that the brand new set was truly pressed at RTI. The label’s website stated that it was, but Discogs says that both runs have been pressed at Rainbo. The information within the lifeless wax is identical as on my 2015 set, which would seem to recommend that both sets have been pressed on the similar spot. I don’t essentially care enough to drill right down to the bottom of this nicely. The latest model of Teatro is excellent. The wait is over. However the whole experience received me to fascinated by pressing quality much more than I often do. To me, the shortage of transparency around which crops and sources have been used for current releases is the most important fallacy within the Vinyl World. So, I assumed it is perhaps a great time to listing a number of the crops together with some information about their respective reputations and open the whole thing up for dialogue.

Be happy to comment, if in case you have pertinent info and experiences. Or should you don’t.

A few of the extra common crops are:

RTI (USA): my private favorite. Their work for Music Issues and MoFi are without equal, as greatest I can tell. Individuals have been complaining about their current releases outdoors of these two labels, which begs the query: can a label pay extra to have a better high quality document pressed? Are there tiered choices for quality based mostly on worth?

Pallas (Germany): my former personal favorite. I started noticing points with high quality management a couple of years in the past, and issues never obtained higher. Anyone else have an identical expertise, or did I just have a run of dangerous luck?

Quality Document Pressing (USA): this is the urgent division of Analogue Productions. Individuals sing their praises, but I’ve gotten the inconsistent product. Issues seem to be on the upswing, but there are lots of complaints on the market about data pressed off-center. Has anyone seen this?

MPO (France): I’ve had good luck throughout the board, but with a small sample measurement. Ideas?

Third Man Pressing (USA): Jack White’s new thing. I have a few their data, and the pressings are near flawless. Very small sample measurement, however an enormous enchancment from when Third Man Data was using United Report Urgent in Nashville.

United Document Urgent (USA): the underside of the barrel, for my part. A few of the noisiest pressings I personal. I’m wondering in the event that they stopped stamping their encircled “U” in the lifeless wax to throw the scent of the canine. Individuals have been complaining concerning the URP quality so loudly and for therefore long that they could have disguised themselves by now. I haven’t seen their branding in over a yr, but I can’t imagine they’ve stopped making data. I have a four-disc field set by them from early 2018 that’s rattling near good. Why would their quality fluctuate so wildly? Once more, are there tiered choices for high quality? Why all the mystery?

That’s just some. There are plenty of others like GZ (Czech), Rainbo (USA), Kindercore Vinyl (in Athens, GA), and on and on and on.

What are some of your faves, and which do you keep away from?

Let’s try to resolve this as soon as and for all, we could?

’Til the Medicine Takes

Widespread Panic

’Til the Drugs Takes

Widespread Data

Widespread Panic was hitting on all cylinders across the turn of the century, man. The exhibits have been like fireworks: unpredictable, loud, and atypically lovely. I’d lengthy since stopped hoping for a studio recording that may accurately seize the expertise. Like discharging a cannonball in a crystal showroom, it simply appeared like too harmful of an enterprise to tug off in tight confines. So, I wasn’t paying consideration once they launched ’Til the Drugs Takes. I was too busy on the lookout for someone to cowl my shift so I might make it to the subsequent show. And questioning if the world’s pc techniques would fail at midnight on New Yr’s Eve. Historical past has revealed the album to be probably the most consultant of the Reside Panic Experience, nevertheless it had by no means been launched on vinyl until now. Issues are wanting up…

’Til the Drugs Takes in all probability incorporates Panic’s strongest assortment of studio songs since their self-titled Capricorn Data debut in 1991. Spreadheads would debate that assertion until the top of time, however I’ll stand by it. It’s received it all. The Gospel rave-up on the end of “All Time Low” will singe your eyebrows, and “You’ll Be Fine” is as pretty a thing as the band ever constructed. Producer John Keane added some nifty between track fillers that kind of serve as avatars for the band’s onstage track bridges, and a few the songs seem to fall together out of that noise, identical to they did at Mud Island in Memphis that time a fowl shit on my shoulder during “Pigeons.” Even a track like “Christmas Katie,” which might sometimes send me scurrying to the toilet & the beer line, incorporates one of many band’s strongest studio jams. Straightforward.

I used to be blown away by the sonics on this launch on first pay attention. Later, I attempted to pay attention extra passively while doing chores around my house, however the document stored pulling me again into the living room. I’d wander like a zombie again to the sweet spot between my speakers, and understand an hour later that the dishes have been nonetheless not washed & the carpet nonetheless needed vacuuming. Panic reissued a run of their first few studio albums a couple of years again, and the results have been embarrassing. The United Report Pressing remedy rendered the albums unplayable. Panic righted the ship with subsequent releases, and this one may be probably the most compelling of them all. The two discs have been pressed within the band’s hometown of Athens, George by Kindercore Vinyl, they usually did an outstanding job. The fullness and immediacy of the sound are instantly obvious with the vocals and percussion being especially alive. This can be a restricted edition of 3,000. Act quick.

I tried to take heed to Drugs with the ears of a novice versus the ears that I’ve. But they’ve lived via many years value of stay Panic episodes that have ceaselessly made objectivity a problem. A few of my most memorable experiences and friendships have been cast underneath the band’s sonic affect. In case you have been round for the band’s most heightened period, this report could be sufficient to take you back there. But when you’re in search of an introduction, I’d point you in the direction of the Mild Fuse Get Away stay set. Nonetheless, Drugs is as close because the band has come to a real audiophile release. I can’t advocate it with sufficient vehemence.

Music To Eat

Hampton Grease Band

Music To Eat

Real Gone Music

Panic had already set their hook in my jaw once I caught a scorching present in Columbia, South Carolina that basically served to seal the deal. This may have been around 1991, and I might not be arising for air soon. I’d be thrown into the boat, floundering round on the deck with the remainder of my scaly buddies for the foreseeable future. My vision was compromised that Carolina night time, so I couldn’t read the whole thing of what was printed on John Bell’s t-shirt. I might solely make out the word “Aquarium” as he growled his means by means of two explosive units. Quickly, I’d study of the band’s connection to the inimitable Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.) and his misfit band of outcasts, the Aquarium Rescue Unit. I’d assume back to that night time and that shirt, and I’d quickly have my own Col. Bruce tales to tell. Concerning the time he guessed my birthday on the first attempt, for example. Or the time he died onstage surrounded by associates throughout a tribute concert in honor of his 70th birthday while performing his favourite track, which was additionally the primary music that he’d ever carried out reside. However that may come later…

Before Widespread Panic and the H.O.R.D.E. Tour and the birthday guessing recreation, Bruce was the vocalist within the Hampton Grease Band. This started in Atlanta round 1968. Their debut was a double album referred to as Music To Eat in 1971. It is reputed to have been the second worst promoting album in Columbia Data history. Or the second worst promoting double album. Behind a yoga educational report. Like many a Hampton fable and legend, the small print are murky. I’ve heard tell of a neighbor who claimed that Hampton would solely venture to the street to be able to retrieve his mail whereas sporting a cow’s head. I’ve heard that he was knowledgeable wrestling supervisor. He invented histories for his bandmates, and he performed strange instruments with names like “chazoid.” He advised me that he’d once seen a man evaporate into thin air. The Aquarium Rescue Unit’s reside recording from the Georgia Theater is one among my all-time favorite albums, and it’s filled with looney goodness, however I’d by no means explored Hampton’s earliest work till Actual Gone Music reissued Music To Eat.

Which is not almost as far out as I’d expected. I imply, it’s unusual. Definitely. However it’s not unlistenable. It’s musical at occasions. Hampton might sing, it’s simply tempting to lose sight of that when he’s singing about Little Debbies. Lowell George referred to as Glenn Phillips “the most amazing guitarist I’ve ever seen,” however I don’t hear evidence of that on Music To Eat. I hear some good enjoying and some fascinating methods interspersed with a bunch of improvisational gibberish that managed to age higher than one may need anticipated. Perhaps as a consequence of what we now have left for comparability. The Grease Band is mostly linked to the Mothers of Invention and Captain Beefheart. I’ve by no means been capable of get into both, but I recognize the genius in each. I find Music To Eat to be more accessible than most of what I’ve heard from both of these two bands and extra partaking than virtually any of the jam bands that Hampton influenced. In case you like listening to grown males sing about snack desserts, I imply…


Van Morrison


Warner Brothers

I keep in mind listening to my previous man’s copy of Moondance rising up. It was an unique, or at the very least an early, pressing on the inexperienced Warner Brothers label. I was moved and confused in equal measure. At that age, I needed labels and categorization to facilitate the development of my very own opinion, and each have been briefly provide. Did Moondance rely as Rock music? People? Jazz, for crying out loud? The types appeared as exhausting to pin down as Van Morrison himself. The cowl’s footage seem like they’re of two totally different males: Entrance Cover Van appears like he may need clawed his strategy to the surface from Center Earth. Again Cover Van seems like he might have been Albert Finney’s stunt double in Tom Jones. And this was approach earlier than I knew of Morrison’s mercurial character, and many years before I sat earlier than Greil Marcus as he described his experiences writing his version of Morrison’s biography. By way of all those eras, Moondance has occupied a singular place in my mind and the history of in style music.

I’m unsure why I waited so long to seize a replica of Rhino’s reissue. I knew it will be nice.

Kevin Grey and Steve Hoffman have been in cost, and it was pressed at RTI. That should have been enough to send me scurrying to at least one of some retailers, particularly since I already own a replica of Astral Weeks that was produced by the same staff. It’s onerous to imagine any out there copies or pressings sounding higher than what these people concocted. These are reference quality works. The bowed stringed instruments vibrate with a lot realism that it makes your tooth itch. Sounds float throughout and out and in of the program like ballerinas hovering above the stage, bathed in tender mild before receding into the wings only to be upstaged by the principal dancer, Morrison’s voice, who comes twirling and twisting and grinding and flying to centerstage with extraordinary grace and equal power. Morrison’s vocal assault modifications extra often than his look, from a whisper to a growl, crooning and grunting his strategy to inventive nirvana. His harmonies on the finish of “Caravan” meld with the horn association to create a sonic kaleidoscope you will get lost in. The life in Morrison’s voice is rivaled solely by the acoustic guitar, which serves alternately as a percussive timepiece and a sonorous seduction. It’s “in the room.” The piano is sort of a delicate rain that cleanses the air to make room for the other instruments. And none of that even accounts for or has much to do with the songwriting. I imply, aspect one is a cavalcade of greatness. I don’t understand how a lot better it could get, but aspect two is not any much less stellar regardless of being considerably less renowned. “Come Running” would see to that by itself.

These reissues have been obtainable for nearly a decade now. They’re nonetheless being pressed at RTI from the Gray/Hoffman 2008 remasters. I’ve a replica of Astral Weeks Stay on the Hollywood Bowl that I’d purge simply because it doesn’t stand up to the standard of the Moondance/Astral Weeks releases from Rhino. They’re two of probably the most under-the-radar audiophile titles in my collection. Don’t let them dance away before you get yours.

Bach - Toccata/Partita No. 2/ English Suite

Martha Argerich

Bach – Toccata/Partita No. 2/ English Suite

Deutsche Grammophon

I assumed I used to be going to lose my mind making an attempt to grind my means via grad faculty. The commute was horrendous; the hours have been long, the work was endless. That’s appropriately, I suppose, but I needed something to get me by means of. A new drug. One which wouldn’t harm my head, or make my mouth too dry, or make my eyes too purple. I wanted some Classical music in my collection. I assumed I’d get my ears on some audiophile reissues, and let the healing seep in. However there was yet extra work to be executed. I noticed straightaway that not just any Classical music would do. I stored getting whisked away on swells of sonic emotion that always took me in the other way of the best way I needed to go. Like Homer Simpson getting swept out to sea in that episode the place he’s making an attempt to impress Maggie. “This riptide is certainly nothing that daddy can’t struggle against.” Then, “Maggie! Call Aquaman!!!” It seems; I wanted some Baroque action. Bach’s work, particularly, turned out to be my Aquaman.

I discovered a Bach Trios report by Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, and Yo-Yo Ma that did the trick. I play it typically when my ideas are in peril of sweeping me out to sea. Extra lately, I found the work that we’re (ostensibly) here to explore. Hear about exploring, in case you choose. It includes the arms of only one player, however these arms are amongst probably the most completed in the historical past of piano enjoying. At the very least that’s what the internet tells me. Those palms belong to Martha Argerich, and she or he performs with more emotion, finesse, method, heart, and talent than anybody else I’ve discovered thus far.

I assumed I’d discover ways to write about Classical music with a bit of extra grace and wisdom by studying the liner notes on the again cowl of her latest launch on Deutsche Grammophon. However I did not.

Speaking authoritatively about Classical music includes the training of a completely new language, and the power to listen to with ears that I don’t possess. Perhaps, because of the decreased consideration spans so generally associated with our current period, I simply can’t attend to the work with sufficient focus and depth to tease out the varied themes and motifs that I assume are there. Maybe I haven’t developed my ear to a positive enough level to grab upon the nuances and particulars that make the work so compelling. But I understand how I feel once I hear Argerich play Bach. I really feel like this: inspired and awed; energized but with a relaxed middle; content material and alert. And glad. Pleased to have discovered Argerich, and comfortable to know that there are different works on the market to explore which may have an effect on me in comparable ways.

Deutsche Grammophon has a fame for prime quality. A couple of their titles that I own contain ticks and pops within the pressings, although this one doesn’t. I can’t find any information on the sources DG uses, but my ears inform me that a number of the life has been bled out of those performances, most likely by the hands of some digital imposition alongside the mastering chain. There’s just a slight lack of immediacy and presence that forestalls the sound from hitting me squarely within the chest. Still, Argerich’s enjoying is unimpeachable, and these data are knocking on the door of greatness. Hopefully, a good reissue firm lets them in soon.