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Hands-on: FORM Swim Goggles with Smart Display


Immediately, FORM Athletica introduced their first product, the smart-display enabled FORM Swim Goggles. It’s in fact at this juncture that you simply’re asking yourself: Who TF is FORM Athletica? And what the Helsinki is a smart-display enabled swim goggle?

Thankfully for me (and you), both of these are straightforward to elucidate. FORM Athletica is principally RECON Instruments reborn. You’ll keep in mind Recon back a couple of years ago, the place they made skiing goggles with slightly heads-up show in them. They have been superior, I beloved them. Had metrics like velocity, distance, vert, and even associates – all overlaid inside your goggles. Superior.

Then they branched out and made the RECON Jet. While based mostly on the identical underlying tech because the ski goggles, they ran into limitations of just being to huge for his or her time. Battery and related know-how meant that you simply appeared like a cyborg. So while functionally fairly good, virtually talking they have been exhausting to put on in public.

Roughly round that time Intel stepped in and purchased Recon Devices. And Intel did what Intel does greatest to their acquisitions: Destroys them from the within out. It took lower than two years before we found their carcass alongside that of Basis (another Intel acquisition, keep in mind them?). After which former Recon staff snuck out the emergency exit doorways and began FORM Athletica. And now we’ve obtained ourselves a tiny and much more targeted product in the FORM Swim Goggle.

Oh, before we go further – word, this is not a evaluation. Principally as a result of the product isn’t delivery yet (not until August seventh) and thus I don’t have last software program/and so forth to write down a proper evaluation on (though I consider this is ultimate production hardware). Additionally, because like some corporations (together with Fitbit & Apple), FORM has placed a non-review embargo on this until a selected date. So, not a assessment, just a first look. There’s no different restrictions on what I can or can’t say, besides I can’t use the ‘R’ phrase. Which is ok, I wasn’t going to use it anyway. And, if you recognize me – I’m gonna say whatever the heck I would like anyway.

The Hardware:


I think that in the event you have been to reach to the pool blurry-eyed on the normal hideous swimmers hour of 5AM, you’d in all probability not discover your already current lane companion is sporting a FORM Swim Goggle. Which is to say that whereas it’s obvious sitting on a desk, it’s not so obvious once you’re in the pool. Particularly in case you’re not on the individual’s proper aspect.  First up is the field it comes in. Right here’s a reasonably shot or two of that:


Inside you’ll discover a handy-dandy carrying case. Well, it’s acquired holes on the bottom for draining water out. So even in the event you stash the moist goggles in the case after which toss them in your stank-ass swim bag with all types of different sketchy issues, it’ll at the least drain properly.

DSC_2580 DSC_2583

Additionally in that case is a pile of further goggle nostril bridges, which once I met with the company a couple of months again pointed out is tremendous essential to a successful fit – and thus usage, of the goggles. I wouldn’t disagree.


Additionally, there’s a charging cable. It just magnetically connects to the aspect of the unit.


Talking of that unit, as you’ve observed, it principally appears like a traditional swim goggle, except with a thang hanging off the fitting aspect. Whereas that thang seems to be greater on a table, it seems fairly normal within the pool.


In fact it’s within that little pod that the unit accommodates the battery, Bluetooth communications bits, and computational stuffs. It’s a heck of quite a bit smaller than the times of Recon Jet, however it also has to do lots less. No GPS for example. Speaking of which, this can be a pool swimming gadget solely. No GPS here, and no outside openwater help (outside pools are advantageous although, and actually, all of my swimming with it has truly been in outside swimming pools).

But the actual magic is the display itself. If appeared from the front of the unit you’ll see the appropriate eye lens is actually damaged into three pieces.


In reality, what you’re seeing is the middle piece where the display is projected onto the interior or the lens.


Taking pictures of such lens is hard (and all the time look horrific), however, right here’s a fast go of it:


It truly works fairly properly, and is straightforward enough to see in and out (even in tremendous shiny sun). However extra on that in a second. Oh, and lastly, like normal goggles you possibly can modify the strap in case your head is abnormally giant or small.

Going for a swim:


I suppose earlier than we go swimming we have to get it paired as much as the smartphone app. In my case that’s iOS, but they’ve additionally acquired Android. It’s here that you would be able to replace the firmware of the unit as nicely, all wirelessly.

IMG_3299 IMG_3301 IMG_3307

As soon as that’s finished you’ve received a number of show configuration options, that are divided up into the 2 swim modes that the unit supports: Lap swimming and interval swimming. In lap swimming you’ll just swim, and it’ll hold monitor of it including pauses. Whereas in interval mode it figures out your intervals and then gives set details as you pause on the wall. Virtually talking the primary distinction is that for intervals it’ll create actual sets afterwards in the app, whereas it gained’t for normal lap swimming.

IMG_3361 IMG_3351

Speaking of which, on the subject of show metrics, things are super minimal here. You’ve acquired quite a few knowledge area choices, however solely a single knowledge web page whereas swimming (with two metrics), and then one which triggers whenever you turn, and one which’s a relaxation display.  Word it really works high quality for both flip/tumble turns or open turns (non-flip).

IMG_3351 IMG_3352 IMG_3353

I considerably disagree right here on this minimalism. Finally there’s no logical cause why I couldn’t have an additional knowledge page in case I needed totally different metrics for my warm-up versus my sets. In any case, I’d just be capable of press the button and change to that different knowledge page. However that’s not the best way it works here, Burger King this isn’t.  You possibly can see the selectable metrics here:

IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3358

Ok, with all that set, we’re off to the pool.

Now unfortunately, I can’t present you an actual pool. As a result of my principal pool right here in Amsterdam doesn’t permit any images at the pool facility (and is tremendous strict about it). After which yesterday I went to a secondary pool with the singular function of taking pretty pool photographs…solely to have that pool closed unexpectedly for some problem (after I spent 30 minutes getting there…sigh).

So, you’re going to should deal with some indoor photographs. However first, a reasonably pool shot from San Diego once I first tried out the goggles but didn’t take photographs of the particular unit itself.

2019-04-16 06.58.12

Really feel better concerning the pool footage? No? Me both. But at the very least it was pretty.

So you’ll power up the unit by holding the entrance button down, after which it’ll simply ask you what you need to do. If you have to change the pool measurement, you are able to do so simply. Otherwise, it’s only a case of choosing both lap or interval swimming.  Next, you’ll press start to begin swimming and off you go. Do make sure you wait until you’re within the pool earlier than pressing ‘start’. I know this sounds obvious but I screwed up on my first swim as I wasn’t tremendous positive but and ended up counting an additional two laps attending to the pool (which was the only time it ever miscounted).

Here’s a pair photographs of the show wanting at the water in entrance of the DCR Studio. Simply so you will get an image of how crisp it really is. The funky stuff on the surface is due to me sticking my cellular phone digital camera in there and it reflecting round.

IMG_3324 IMG_3321

After that, off you swim! Right here’s a correct underwater snippet from their teaser video, since I don’t have a good way to capture the show underwater precisely (I often use my cellular phone for this). In any case, their photograph:


From a readability standpoint, the above copy is accurate. It’s fairly darn near what you see.

From a visibility standpoint I had no issues with it outside both, and getting used to the display wasn’t arduous either. All that was advantageous from a tech perspective. My solely complaints are that you simply lose your peripheral imaginative and prescient with this goggle design. I consider it’s the precise taper of the goggle that causes this, but personally I all the time find it entertaining to observe the opposite swimming peoples during my workouts. Both to review method/fashion, or simply as an exercise in individuals watching. That’s not likely potential right here till you’re taking a breath and your head turns so you’re wanting straight out the entrance of the lens.

Again, wanting along side the unit from the underside you possibly can see why: It completely blocks the aspect view:


The second minor difficulty I’ve had with the goggle is air bubbles off the entrance of the lens that ‘catch’ in entrance of the display. FORM says no one else has seen/reported this, so I presume it must simply be my horrific swimming fashion. Truthful enough.

As for getting used to the goggle general – I agree with them it takes a swim or so to get used to things, however that’s truthfully not much totally different than getting used to a swim watch and find out how to rigorously flick your wrist during a flip turn so you possibly can view the cut up as you glide off the wall.

With all that stuff noted – you just swim, and it keeps monitor of every little thing. It’s as simple as that, and to its credit, towards three totally different watches (Garmin FR945, Garmin MARQ, and COROS Vertix), it was the only unit to completely nail all my swims towards these watches. I’ve had other good swims with those watches, however in these specific swims up towards the FORM goggle, solely FORM produced the exact variety of laps appropriately.

Which is an effective time to go back to the app, where you’ll see your completed swim details:

IMG_3364 IMG_3365 IMG_3366

The app also has social parts, so should you’ve acquired buddies on the platform you possibly can comply with them (they usually can comply with you), after which you possibly can see their swims inside the app, including all the stats. Principally, identical to Strava, if Strava truly cared about swimming.

IMG_3362 IMG_3363

Which suggests you possibly can then take a look at their stats and marvel at how a lot quicker they are. Also, it permits you to, my pricey DCR Reader, see completed swim pages with more selection in the workouts:

IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3372 IMG_3373

Lastly, the app is about to combine with other platforms similar to TrainingPeaks, though it’s not yet enabled in the beta. Also, at this level there’s no structured exercises in it, reminiscent of those supported on Garmin swim watches whereby you’ll be able to download a selected workout and the watch will guide you thru it.



In some ways, the FORM Swim Goggles do exactly what they say they’re going to do – and achieve this higher than watches that I’ve tested face to face with it. In each state of affairs, the FORM Swim Goggle nailed the distances and splits, whereas the watches I used typically missed a lap or doubled up on one. Not each swim, however each every so often.  The trouble that FORM Athletica has put into nailing their swim detection algorithm is clearly seen, and for probably the most half, that very same focus can also be seen on the hardware as properly.

The unit’s sensible show is obvious, although not overwhelmingly visible. Which means, it’s good, but not incredible. Just like the difference between a bowl of simply chocolate ice cream, versus one that additionally has whipped cream, cherries and sprinkled M&M’s atop.  Both are good, but one is clearly higher. In fact, I’m not conscious of any swim goggle product that’s any higher either, so that is the perfect at present’s know-how has to offer.

Finally though, it’s not the know-how that can be FORM Athletica’s largest problem. Like I stated, they largely nail that.

As an alternative, it’ll be the worth. Competitive swimmers are notoriously finicky and frugal on the subject of sports activities know-how, with there being an extended line of failed swim know-how corporations. Many aggressive swimmers refuse to wear a watch, and while this isn’t a watch, it is a (tiny) change to their hydrodynamic norm. And lots of competitive swimmers don’t see any need for something more than a wall pace clock.  So asking them to spend $200 on a device will probably be actually robust. And naturally, asking non-frequent swimmers to spend that a lot cash gained’t happen both (they’ll doubtless be wonderful with numerous watch choices at much lower cost factors).

Still, I’m impressed with the power for the system to do precisely what it says it’s going to do – even when the worth isn’t the place I feel it should be ($125, in case you have been curious). I’ve tried numerous swimming goggles that have tried to be sports activities tech units when it comes to navigation – principally openwater – and this is by far the simplest to make use of and the perfect app/connectivity.

Once more, the corporate will ship August seventh (no crowdfunded messiness here, simply straight-up delivery). Given how detail-oriented the company has been during the last three or so months with respect to dates with me, and given I’ve acquired what I consider is a ultimate production unit, I don’t anticipate any issues with them hitting that date.

With that – thanks for studying!