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The 2019 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List


It’s nice and quiet through the summer time lull between product release cycles (which often begin once more across the first week of September), so it’s nearly as good a time as any to do my annual ‘gear I use list’. The last time I did so was final fall.  And for probably the most half, things truthfully haven’t changed an excessive amount of. Though a lot of the tech truly has, whereas a lot of the non-tech issues haven’t actually changed.  I nonetheless use the same winter cycling/operating gear, and the same swimsuits. Though I did get a new wetsuit..

While there’s lots of gear right here (because I’m masking three sports), I assume you’ll find I’m truly fairly easy with regards to most of my gear (tech goodies apart).

I’ve divided it up into the three principal sports activities (swim/bike/run), plus a random section at the end.  Obviously, I don’t use all this gear on the similar time.  For instance, cold-weather swim booties are reserved for these hideous chilly climate triathlons that I’ve succeeded in avoiding prior to now half-decade. I have zero plans to do any crazy-cold climate triathlons anytime soon (although some yr the Norseman Triathlon may tempt me), so the booties principally just hand around in a container within the Cave.

As anybody will inform you – there’s a variety of gear to be had for triathlon, and there’s unfortunately simply no getting round that.  I’m sometimes not one to buy the costliest piece of trendy stuff – and brands don’t are likely to mean rather a lot to me.  I simply buy what works for me.  None of those manufacturers sponsor me or something here.  It’s simply what I’ve purchased myself and use daily.

Word: That is NOT my standard gadget recommendations submit, that’s totally different. This is merely the gear I occur to use myself. In case your on the lookout for my particular recommendations on gear, you’ll find my basic suggestions here (although, they don’t account for brand spanking new watches this yr), my coach suggestions here (nonetheless fairly accurate for an additional month or so until Eurobike), after which my power meter consumers guide here (undoubtedly still accurate).


Perhaps the simplest class, simply because of the least quantity of stuff on one’s body.  A minimum of more often than not.  I begin off with the three fundamentals, and then the drill stuff – and then the open water swimming pieces.

Swimsuit: Nike Victory Jammer: I know, I do dabble in the shorter square leg ones as nicely, but this is principally my go-to go well with – which is principally the same because it’s been for years. I even have random non-jammer go well with I received at some pool in some overseas nation when I forgot mine on a visit.
Goggles: Speedo Vanquisher:  For probably the most half, it’s no matter I haven’t lost lately.  At present, this is what I often end up grabbing. Goggles are like socks within the dryer around here.
Swim Cap: Random Race Caps – Primarily no matter I pull from the huge Ziploc bag of previous race caps.
Swim Watch: Garmin Forerunner 945: I continue to have accuracy issues in openwater with the FR945 as I’ve outlined beforehand, although Garmin says they hope to have these fastened someday this summer time. I don’t have any pool accuracy points. Because the FR945 is sorta my all-around watch when I’m not testing something else, it will get swim privileges as nicely. Observe that I sometimes don’t put on an HRM-TRI or HRM-SWIM with my swims (and thus don’t have HR knowledge from swims), though Garmin did just launch a beta firmware update enabling that.
Openwater – Wetsuit: Orca S6 Fullsleeve Wetsuit: This was more of a purchase of necessity than anything. My previous 2XU wetsuit finally died after an apparent shark assault (judging by the holes), and while down in Cape Town this previous winter I wanted something. There was an Orca store near the waterfront, so…drawback solved. I’m not thrilled with it though, given it already ripped along a seam line on my third sporting. Sigh.
Openwater – Visibility Buoy: Safer Swimmer – When swimming in openwater on my own, I use this to be seen by boats and the like, for example, during these swims.  I take this all all over the world with me on nearly all my openwater swims.
Openwater – Booties: Blueseventy Swim Socks – For 60°F and under water, I use these booties to maintain my toes warm. Notably, I attempt incredibly exhausting to never swim in such water voluntarily.
Openwater – Swim Cap: Bluesventy Cranium cap – Again, for super-cold water (taking a look at you, Boise 70.Three), I use this swim cap – however I reduce off the annoying chin strap (most people do).
Openwater – Anti-chaff: BodyGlide – To stop any incorrect rubbing of the wetsuit near my neck.  Works nicely, every triathlete ought to have it in their swim bag.

Invariably, a strictly pool swimmer will say that’s a whole lot of gear – however when you divide it up (normal vs openwater), it’s really not that much stuff…particularly in comparison with biking.


Observe, for this yr I’ve just gone with my core bikes. I’ve acquired a number of different street bikes round, however I not often use them nowadays.  You’ll be able to take a look at my much older ‘Gear I Use’ posts for details on these two bikes.

Street Bike: Canyon Final CF SL – I constructed this two winters ago and completely adore it. It’s as much my principal bike lately as my core check platform for brand spanking new cycling gadgets. It was built with testing units in mind (hence why I skipped aero handlebars, on account of complexities with mounts). It’s working great for me as my workhorse, and I might simply see shopping for another Canyon down the street (mainly because they’re so darn low cost right here in Europe).
Triathlon Bike: Cervelo P3C – This simply happened to be the bike that fit me greatest.  I use all the inventory elements, minus adding Shimano Di2 (purely for product testing/compatibility – I wouldn’t in any other case hassle). It’s in all probability due for alternative.
The Commuter Bike: Trek Belleville: Right here’s the entire backstory on that bicycle.  Although, in reality I additionally journey the new cargo bike just as much as this bike..if not in all probability more.
The Cargo Bike: City Arrow: This is how I get all my items forwards and backwards to the workplace, as well as get the kiddos (and The Woman) round town. Also, random guests get stuck in it too. We couldn’t reside in Amsterdam and not using a cargo bike (since we now have no automotive right here). We put about 3,500-Four,000km per yr on it.
Power Meter: The whole lot? Critically, I’m unsure what I name ‘my’ power meter anymore. On my primary street bike, the three models you’ll often find on are the Quarq DZero, Garmin Vector 3, and PowerTap G3. Additionally as of late, the Levels LR. Yet on secondary check bikes/indoor bikes I typically use the Favero Assioma pedals. I’m completely happy to name any considered one of them ‘my preferred power meter’.  I suppose if I have been to offer one my defacto usage edge, it’s the Vector 3 or Favero Assioma pedals, since those are what I usually journey with. The PowerTap P2’s also get a good bit of usage on numerous bikes. Once more, I’m everywhere in the map right here.
Race Wheels: PowerTap G3 Carbon 46mm Wheelset: I’ve been driving variants of these for a while.  I additionally nonetheless own a pair of HED 3’s Tubular, although they’re nonetheless down in a pal’s cave in Paris.
Bike Pedals: Garmin Vector 3 Pedals or Favero Assioma pedals – Although, if testing one thing else I’ll use whatever Look-Keo suitable pedals are round.
Water bottle cages: Elite Customized Race Cages – Truthfully, I’ve tried quite a lot of them, and my only aim in life is that they don’t pop bottles, nor snap simply.  I’m good with these. I’ve additionally acquired a pair of Tacx cages too.
Water Bottle: DC Rainmaker Water Bottle: Duh. Additionally, as a result of I bought like 1,500 of them. So…yeah.
CO2 Package: This little package from Performance matches right into my rack system so perfectly you’d thought they have been made for each other. All these years later.
Common Helmet: Specialised Evade II with ANGi:I’ve largely converted to this as a part of a longer-term evaluate. This helmet consists of monitoring/crash detection for buddies/household (and Specialized just lately changed their policy to not require a subscription charge for helmet purchases). Notice that whereas I do sometimes use my COROS Linx Helmet (which has music bits I virtually never use).
Aero Helmet: Giro Advantage 2 Helmet – I haven’t bought a brand new aero helmet in a very long time, as a lot of the European races I’ve accomplished have been draft-legal and Olympic distance, in order that they’re less of a concern here. I’m positive this helmet is not thought-about super aero.
Bike jerseys: DC Rainmaker package by Pedal Mafia: Duh!!! I’ve received both the purple and blue variants in fact, and use them quite a bit. When not using both of these two I’m using another package from Pedal Mafia (Cobbled Basic is the identify). And failing that, just random bike jerseys I’ve obtained round that I’ve bought here and there. Aspect notice: The package is back in stock should you needed one!
Bike shorts/bib: DC Rainmaker package by Pedal Mafia: Duh Half II! Similar as the previous item, additionally in inventory.
Street Biking Footwear: Louis Garneau Men’s Tri X-Velocity Triathlon Cycling Footwear I’ve truly used these a couple of years now, though roughly find yourself going by means of a pair every 12-18 months.
Mountain Biking Footwear: Fizik X5 Terra: Also somewhat of a purchase order of necessity, was down in Cape City and wanted one other pair of footwear for mountain biking. X5’s for the win.
Chilly Weather Bike Coat: Gore Males’s Contest SO Jacket – I layer this over an extended sleeve bike jersey. Critically, I still own this – like 9 years later or something. On one hand I in all probability do want a new coat. Then again, it works just high quality.
Cold Weather Bike Tights: Gore Bike Put on Vista Tights – These work properly, and are windproof and reasonably water resistant – which is sorta the essential requirement for me.
Bike Case: Aerus Biospeed Bike Case – Here’s a bit extra in-detail on the case, and the way I use it while travelling.  Sadly, the Biospeed mannequin isn’t made anymore, however, a brand new case that seems to be precisely the same is now out (hyperlinks in that submit). I still use this case no less than a couple of occasions or extra a yr. My guess is my case has about 150,000-250,000 miles on it by now. No points. Apparently the Pika Pack Works case is identical, and nonetheless out there.
Bike Coach: Tacx Neo 2 Sensible Coach – I primarily used the Tacx Neo 1 previous to this, but now simply use the NEO 2. Although I have semi-split up trainers and maintain a NEO 1 at house and a NEO 2 at the office.  However for me the Neo has a heavy ‘just works’ factor from an accuracy standpoint (there’s no calibration). Also, I kinda just like the rumble that it creates replicating cobblestones and such. My second selection setup can be a KICKR/CORE + CLIMB combo.
Bike Pc/GPS: Garmin Edge 530 (principally): Clearly, I’m virtually all the time driving with Three-4 head models for energy meter knowledge gathering, but recently I’ve principally been using the Edge 530, with sometimes the Edge 830 floating around. Ultimately I’ll get around to fixing my broken Edge 1030 (USB port), during which case that’ll be again in the rotation. Sometimes speaking my ‘most preferred’ unit of the Three-4 I journey with is whichever unit I choose is that I often put it out on my out-front mount (there are occasional exceptions to this, however that’s often my tell), versus the others on my handlebars.
Velocity Sensor: Garmin Velocity Sensor V2: I don’t use a combo velocity/cadence sensor anymore, and admittedly I not often use this velocity sensor. However you will see that it on my bikes for numerous check functions. This version has twin ANT+/Bluetooth Sensible, however extra importantly we apply it to the cargo bike because it data every journey even and not using a head unit and syncs it up.
Cadence Sensor: For probably the most part, I don’t use a cadence sensor except for infrequent check validation. All my power meters transmit cadence, as do lots of my non-Wahoo trainers.
Coronary heart Fee Strap: Polar OH1 Plus & Garmin HRM-DUAL: This combo has been working tremendous properly for me this yr (2019). Both have dual ANT+/Bluetooth Sensible, and the Garmin may also do two concurrent Bluetooth Sensible connections too (great for Zwift + a Bluetooth only Suunto or Polar watch connecting as nicely). In the meantime, the OH1 is awesome as a result of it super simply data my HR in instances the place I don’t have a watch paired to it. That’s principally for testing, but you’ll find me using these two a ton.
Bike Pc Mount: Barfly 4 Prime Out-Front Mount: I like this one, it’s metallic and has tons of choices for swapping to totally different bike pc varieties if I have to (akin to to Wahoo or what-not). The GoPro mount facet is useful and the whole thing is strong. But again, it’s simply what’s been on my bike the longest these days, I’m additionally completely good with the Okay-Edge variants, and actually, often experience a Okay-Edge under-saddle mount for my GoPro.
Trainer Apps: Zwift & TrainerRoad: I pay for subscriptions to each of these, and are what I primarily use. I additionally sometimes use different 3rd celebration apps like FulGaz.

I ought to mention that I not often wear arm warmers, and they’re just a pair that I picked up at some random demo day someplace.  In my little thoughts, if it’s cold sufficient for arm heaters, it’s cold sufficient for an extended sleeve jersey.  And vice versa.


Operating Footwear: Asics Gel-DS Coach 22: I switched this up again this yr from the 19 to the 22, just a minor change over the earlier variations I’ve used.
Operating T-Shirt: No matter technical t-shirt I grab out of the huge drawer of dozens of them.  In the event you don’t have any operating t-shirts, you’re not doing sufficient races. 😉
Operating Shorts: Nike Dri-FIT operating shorts: I principally put on these first, but I’ve acquired plenty of pairs of shorts that I use.
Operating Socks: Balega Hidden Comfort – No questions, these socks…perpetually.  So smooth, simply love them.  I’ve never had blisters with them.  Ever.
Operating Watch: Garmin Forerunner 945: I was principally using a Fenix 5 Plus or Garmin FR935 prior, however I actually most popular the dimensions of the FR935 over the Fenix 5 Plus. With the FR945 now having all of the options of the Fenix 5 Plus and then some, it’s my go-to now.
Operating Headphones: Really previous unique PowerBeats & Apple AirPods: I don’t are likely to run with music a ton, but when I do, it’s using certainly one of these two. Notice I did lately buy the Apple PowerBeats Professional wireless ones, but haven’t had a chance to place them via the paces. That’d ideally mix both of them collectively.
Long Run Hydration: CamelBak Marathoner – I still use this in the summertime or on hikes. I additionally use it typically on runs to hold more GPS watches. 🙂
Place to stick stuff on runs: Spibelt – Most runs, I don’t hassle with anything.  However for some random runs while travelling, this works as an amazing place to stick house/automotive keys, credit cards, or even gels.  I’ve tried a number of brands, this one just works the perfect for me.
Chilly Climate Operating Prime: I don’t have a selected prime I use, quite, I are likely to layer bits and pieces collectively. Here’s a publish on all my cold weather operating thoughts.
Cold Weather Operating Tights: Sugoi Midzero tights – These are my favourite.  I’ve solely obtained one pair, and use them religiously in cold climate (under about 42°F).
Cold Weather Operating Gloves: $1.00 race expo gloves – That’s it.  It’s straightforward.  I virtually never throw them away, I really feel guilty.  So I use a couple of rotating pairs, all from expos – some even free!  I’ve acquired a pair of no-brand mittens that I toss on if the weather is super-cold, however like operating tops in chilly climate, you’d be stunned what your physique is ok with once it’s on top of things.  All you people in Minnesota although shouldn’t adhere to this part.  Just go to the Arctic part of REI as an alternative.
Ice Operating: Yaktrax – There’s no higher strategy to run on compact snow and ice, albeit not much of that in Amsterdam more often than not. However they worked nice for my runs within the Arctic Circle this past winter. Word that for deeper snow although, they aren’t as useful/essential.

The Random Class:

Here’s a number of random things that didn’t match above into a selected class.

Day by day Motion Cam: GoPro Hero 7 Black: It was the Hero 6 Black before the Hero 7 got here out, but I’ve now obtained two Hero 7’s in the fleet that I use virtually day by day – the quality is well worth the leap.
GoPro Equipment I use: Complete listing here: It’s principally all the equipment I use every day.
Most popular Drone: DJI Mavic Air: Whereas the higher DJI Mavic 2 is great and all, I want the power to use simply my telephone to regulate the Mavic Air when I’m travelling or just stuffed behind my jersey pocket for a fast pic. I also typically use the DJI Spark, however often opt for the Mavic Air for the bump in quality.
All Other Images Gear: You’ll want to take a look at my full images page, which lists all of the cameras I use when I’m not swim/bike/operating.
Race belt: FuelBelt GelReady Race Belt –  For races, to put your quantity on for the bike and run.  It additionally holds gels, though, not in addition to I’d like.  Higher simply as a race belt for the quantity than a storage platform.
Triathlon go well with: 2XU: I obtained it down in Australia final winter before a race there, but since I’m (yet again) travelling in the mean time I don’t quite have entry to it.
Transition Bag: I’ve merely moved to a generic REI backpack, particularly with many triathlons having ‘clean’ transition areas lately anyway (I.e. level to level races).  As long as it has places to clip stuff on the edges, you’ll be able to carry so much with somewhat creativity.



For long-term readers, you’ll notice that I don’t tend to vary the attire aspect very a lot. Most of that stays pretty much the same for years. Issues like footwear solely change a tiny bit between obtainable variants of the same mannequin. Similar goes for other non-tech categories.  I are typically an individual that sticks with what works somewhat than re-invent the wheel.

Whereas on the tech aspect I have a tendency to stay with the newest. Clearly, this website sorta drives that a bit.

Obviously there’s loads of gear there, but that’s primarily because you’re training for three totally different sports activities.  Truly, it’s sorta like Four-5 sports, with openwater swimming and pool swimming both having totally different requirements (I.e. wetsuits), plus you could have particular gear you’d use in triathlon that you simply don’t use in street biking (like triathlon suits).

It ought to be noted that none of the stuff seen above is stuff that I’m making an attempt out for evaluations.  Each single merchandise above I’ve bought and use in my regular daily training.  Clearly, you see me use gear outdoors of that in testing – but this is what’s left after you peel the testing and reviewing away.

As all the time, in case you make the most of any of the Amazon or Intelligent Coaching hyperlinks – magic occurs and also you help the weblog (and with Clever Coaching you get 10% off your order with coupon code DCR10BTF, and free US delivery for orders over $49US).  Your help is all the time appreciated around these elements.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. –  The Woman’s listing is here from final fall as properly, for these in search of her favourite gadgets. Take pleasure in!